Australia's Non-Accredited Education Group


Our vision

To make Australia’s Non-accredited education sector a leading provider of high quality student outcomes focused education across the country and around the world, and to make a meaningful impact on the digital skills gap.


Our Mission

To accelerate personal and professional success for all Australians through world’s best-practice educational offerings.

To create an industry sector where non-accredited education becomes the first-choice for recent graduates, upskiller's and employers to train in the skills of the future.

To plug the skills gap and ensure graduate students are the most in-demand within their  industry.

To deeply understand the future capability requirements of the future, through deep industry engagement and cross-sectoral collaboration.


Our Members



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An online business school that partners with the world’s leading brands and practitioners to deliver courses on the latest business and technology trends. We believe that the most up to date ideas, knowledge and best practices are within industry, not traditional academic institutions. 


general assembly

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Since 2011, General Assembly has transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills. 




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Whether you want to keep ahead at work, you’ve found a new challenge or simply want to know more, Zambesi has a course for you.


The plato project

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We offer business education programs that are useful, relevant and real by engaging with industry leaders and visionary organisations that practice, test and refine their entrepreneurial and leadership skills on the ground, in the business trenches, every day.



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QLC is an online school that helps people try new careers anywhere in the world through remote internships with startups. We provide experiences with the latest business and technology trends using live projects supported by online learning, mentorship and co-learning spaces.




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Echos combines business + design to transform organisations, people and society. By building design thinking capability and designing innovative solutions to the challenges we face.
We are committed to developing a new generation of innovators and innovations worldwide.




For many years Australia has rightfully held the reputation as a world-class education provider. However, as the global economy has continued to increase its pace of evolution largely driven by technology, our universities, TAFEs and vocational colleges haven’t been able to keep up.

Funding shifts, internal challenges and regulatory environments which make change difficult has meant Australia is now facing a skills gap which is limiting the opportunity for many individuals and organisations alike.

The digital economy is set to be worth $139Bn annually towards 2020 but is currently being hampered by a “worsening skills shortage”. ARN, a leading industry publication, reports that over half of businesses are struggling to hire people with the skills required to meet their digital transformation goals.

Recognising the challenges within industry, a group of leading non-accredited education providers have been working independently to fill the gaps. Now, we come together in AltEd. A representative industry group to harness our collective efforts in growing the industry together and make change happen via a number of programs including: 


What we do


We challenge the existing industry structures, regulation and funding policies to drive key reform in the industry.


We celebrate the successes our industry and use this to foster greater understanding and support across community, industry and political spheres.




We engage with major employers across industries; with providers of education; with government and regulators and with the ‘students’ who engage in programs.


We connect the key players in the industry together to drive collaboration across the industry.